Pharma’s Perception Management

An intriguing input-output relationship in the pharma industry has remained baffling, since the last several years, where increasing financial inputs are resulting in diminishing productivity output. More disturbing is, this input-output relationship has now reached a new low, with their … Continue reading

Big Pharma Demands Transparency, Keeping their ‘Black-Boxes’ Tight and Safe?

Pharmaceutical Industry across the globe wants absolute transparency in all government laws, policies, guidelines, transactions and overall governance. They also expect the trade environment should be predictable, non-manipulative and business-friendly. These expectations are indeed well justified and deserve whole-hearted support … Continue reading

Have the successive ‘Drug Policies’ of India delivered? If not, why not?

January 11, 2011 edition of ‘The Lancet’ in its article titled, “Financing health care for all: challenges and opportunities” commented as follows: “India’s health financing system is a cause of and an exacerbating factor in the challenges of health inequity, … Continue reading

How have the ‘Drug Policies’ of India fared against the set objectives?

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has by now established itself as one of the most important knowledge based industry of the nation with significant sets of differential advantages. It has earned global recognition as a low cost producer and global supplier of … Continue reading