Drug Innovation and Pharma M&As: A Recent Perspective

The 21st CEO Survey 2018 of PwC highlights a curious contradiction. This is based on what the Global Pharma Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) had articulated regarding their business outlook for 2018 and beyond. The report says: Despite highly publicized hand … Continue reading

Pharmaceutical innovation and Public Health Interest: Ways to achieving the dual objectives

Healthcare industry in general and the pharmaceutical sector in particular have been experiencing  a plethora of innovations not only to cure and effectively manage ailments to improve the quality of life, but also to help increasing overall disease-free life expectancy … Continue reading

How have the ‘Drug Policies’ of India fared against the set objectives?

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has by now established itself as one of the most important knowledge based industry of the nation with significant sets of differential advantages. It has earned global recognition as a low cost producer and global supplier of … Continue reading