New Drug Price Control Order of India: Is it Directionally Right Improving Access to Medicines?

The last Drug Policy of India was announced in 2002, which was subsequently challenged by a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Karnataka High Court on the ground of being inflationary in nature. The Honorable Court by its order dated … Continue reading

Differentiating Seven ‘Ps’ of Marketing-Mix for Health Food Products – A strategic overview

As estimated by Nicholas Hall the health food products market in India is currently around U.S.$ 1.3 Billion with a huge marketing potential. However, the marketing-mix for such groups of health food products will need to be crafted in an … Continue reading

Pharma SMEs in India: a quick overview

The spread of Pharma SMEs in India: As per a recent study by Dun and Bradstreet, largest cluster of the Pharma SMEs is located in the western region of India contributing almost 55% of the total SMEs, based mostly in … Continue reading