Indian Pharmaceutical Market in February 2014 – A Snap Shot

According to the Retail Audit dated March 2014 of well reputed AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS Pvt. Ltd, in the month of February 2014, the Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) registered a turnover of 5902 Crore (around US$ 980 million) growing at 4.5 percent against Rs. 6,227 Crore (around US$1 billion) in January 2014 with a growth of 8.5 percent.

The growth break-up for the month is as follows:

  • -0.2 percent from existing products
  • 3.2 percent from new launches
  • 1.5 percent from price increases

However, the volume growth of 2.6 percent during Dec’13 to Feb’14 quarter has been better than the same for the corresponding period of the previous year, which was 0.2 percent.

February 2014: Impact of DPCO 2013:

  • The products covered under DPCO 2013 de-grew by (-13.6) percent, whereas rest of the products grew by 7.4 percent resulting an overall growth of 4.5 percent for the month
  • The DPCO 2013 portfolio for GSK de-grew by (-30.7) percent and the same for Ranbaxy registered a negative growth of (-25.2) percent, whereas Sun Pharma had the least impact with its DPCO 2013 portfolio de-growing at -6.8 percent.

Top performers in growth within ‘Top 10 Companies’: 

  • Sun Pharma at 18.1 percent
  • Lupin at 9.3 percent
  • Alkem at 6.7 percent

 Monthly growth of Indian Companies against MNCs:

  • Indian companies at 6.9 percent
  • MNCs at (- 1.7) percent

Top growing MNCs for the month:

  • MSD at 17.3 percent
  • AstraZeneca at 15.3 percent
  • Merck Serono at 5.1 percent

Top 5 growing therapy areas for the month:

  • Anti-diabetic at 13.3 percent
  • Dermatological at 12.5 percent
  • Respiratory at 6.2 percent
  • Cardiological at 5.9 percent
  • Gastrointestinal at 5.1 percent

It is worth noting that Anti-infective market de-grew by 0.9 percent during the month.

Top growing brands:

  • Lantus (Sanofi) at 25 percent
  • Monocef (Aristo) at 23 percent (despite de-growth of the therapy area)
  • Glycomet-GP (USV) at 23 percent
  • Skinlite (Zydus Cadila) at 19 percent
  • Aciloc (Cadila Pharmaceuticals) at 15 percent

New Launches:

Total 107 Brands (generic formulations) were launched in February 2014, which justifies why new launches contributed 3.2 percent of the total growth of 4.5 percent for the month.

By: Tapan J. Ray

Kind Courtesy: AIOCD Pharmasofttech AWACS Pvt. Ltd.


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