Should high prices of new drugs, causing low access to majority of patients, be attributed to high R&D cost?

Many thought leaders have been arguing since long that pharmaceutical R&D expenses are being over stated and the real cost is much less. An article titled “Demythologizing the high costs of pharmaceutical research”, published by the London School of Economics … Continue reading

Tapan Ray in ‘Focus Reports’, March 2011

FR: Our last report on India dates back to 2006, right after the Patent Law was passed. What developments have you seen happening in the industry since then? TR: There has been a paradigm shift with the Product Patent Regime … Continue reading

EU-FTA, TRIPS-Plus provisions, Data Exclusivity, Public Interest and India

Business Standard in its January 27, 2011 edition reported, “Data Exclusivity still key hurdle to India-EU FTA” Before deliberating on this important issue of “Free Trade Agreement (FTA)”, let me touch upon very briefly, for the benefit of all concerned, … Continue reading